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Alexis Azria



About Alexis Azria


Alexis Azria speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian fluently. She began her foray into higher education by earning a double bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University. One in journalism, where she graduated Cum Laude, and the other in French. Alexis then went on to receive her master’s degree in English Literature at Hunter College.

Alexis has been published in several literary magazines, as well as online, and has taught literature at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Her interest in artistic pursuits has also led her to provide her talents as a choreographer to several universities, and perform in advertisements and television programs.

In addition to her scholarly achievements, Alexis is a writer, tackling important topics such as domestic violence, addiction, recovery, mental health, and parenting with numerous articles. In response to her pieces about sexual assault written for Focus, Direction, Recovery (FDR), Alexis established a multi-media pilot program for high school seniors called “Raising Awareness on Campus Assault”. The objective was to teach students how to be active bystanders and recognize predatory conduct. Alexis has also contributed to Rattapallax, a non-profit organization that specializes in powerful documentaries, poetry, and multimedia storytelling. She has written for the Appalachian Journal, a multifaceted, peer-reviewed quarterly that publishes research work and scholarly articles about literature, politics, folklore, culture, ecology, economics, history, music and poetry. Alexis has also donated her speech writing talents to non-profits over the years.

Alexis grew up in West Virginia, and though she now resides in New York her home state will always hold a special place in her heart. In her youth, she observed the detrimental effects of poverty and inadequate educational services, which later inspired her to work with nonprofit organizations dedicated to making sure people everywhere have the ability to live comfortably and safely. 

In addition to her writing, Alexis Azria is a dedicated humanitarian and philanthropist. She was a member of the Action Against Hunger (AAH) board of directors for almost a decade. This international humanitarian organization created in France is known as ACF International across the globe (Action Contre La Faim). ACF is committed to reducing global hunger and provides clean water access as well as long-term hunger resolutions for whole communities. Alexis participated in the governing council, co-chaired the annual gala, established corporate alliances, and secured large donations. 

Alexis also previously served on the board of Our Soldiers Speak, a forum for top Israeli professionals with diverse viewpoints to share personal insights of soldiers fighting on the front lines of battle. 

Alexis’ philanthropic work has been recognized multiple times in 2012, 2014, and 2016. 

In her free time, Alexis enjoys traveling. As a polyglot, she is able to connect with many locals in the places she visits, experience new cultures, and meet new people from all over the world. Alexis believes that travel is an excellent way to expand your mind and learn from the world around you. Her journeys and unique experiences in different parts of the globe have inspired her to continue her philanthropic work and to meet challenges with courage and compassion.

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